Jorge Velez - Adam & Eve

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  • From the lo-fi techno of his MMT Tape Series to his synth explorations as Professor Genius, New York's Jorge Velez draws on many generations of dance music. Even if you're familiar with his breadth of knowledge, it's no less surprising to hear his spin on Arthur Russell's dance legacy on the A-side of his latest single. There's a sly reference to Russell's Killer Whale alias on "Baby Whale (Coral Cassette Extended Edit)," the drum machine hearkening back to the electro days of the man's Sleeping Bag Records. Velez also adds tracers of synth and cresting piano that wiggle and push further out, not copping to Russell's "Let's Go Swimming" but definitely using it as a jumping-off point. "Adam & Eve" is reminiscent of another aspect of early '80s downtown New York culture: the post-punk acts like Talking Heads, Konk and Lizzy Mercier Descloux that busted out their spastic dance moves. The track's over-caffeinated guitars scratch, fidget and twitch, but as the track goes on Velez mellows it out. Little bits of electronics slither through and a resonant vibraphone seems to make things sparkle and slow down, striking a perfect balance like the title suggests, between its aggressive and more gentle qualities.
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      A Baby Whale (Coral Cassette Extended Edit) B Adam & Eve