Hieroglyphic Being - This Isn't Your Typical 90's Era Techno / IDM Revisionist View

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  • "So [the track title] is kind of satire, it's also a political statement for people to really look at what was going on back then compared to what was happening now." That's Jamal Moss talking about "This Is 4 The Rave Bangers," the A-side of his new, strikingly titled 12-inch for Technicolour, This Isn't Your Typical 90's Era Techno / IDM Revisionist View. In a recent interview, the Chicago native explains that his goal behind the elaborate names and genre references is to start discussion and inspire listeners to look into his hometown's early rave history. "Look up Woody McBride, look up Hyperactive, they were doing their thing back then, like Dearborn, DJ Skull," he says. All good advice, but in practice, what Revisionist offers is a gloriously warped alternative to the prevailing trends of rave revivalism. No breakbeats, no major-seventh chords, no overblown basslines here—Hieroglyphic Being has his own tropes to invert. Rapidly ascending synth sequences are smeared and twisted on "This Is 4 The Rave Bangers," while its blasted kicks, claps and snares wreak chaos below. For all the percussive violence and manic melody, the tune is loads of fun. Anyone willing to reach its level will be rewarded with five relentless minutes of dance floor abandon. The calmer but no less psychedelic "HOME 95" must be the IDM part of Moss's revisionist view, full of improvised digi-synth lines and a slanted groove that can't help but turn itself upside down. Like "Rave Bangers," there's no druggy euphoria or cool nostalgic edge to the tune, just a hint of familiarity among the potent musicality and unbridled creativity.
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      A This Is 4 The Rave Bangers B HOME 95