Blue Haze – Regaining Consciousness

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  • One label that has had a great last year or so is Nascent Recordings, with solid releases from big and not so big artists. This time they return with an inform producer in Blue Haze, a man that has turned in some great releases with LMR, SAW as well as Minimal. He looks to do the same with Regaining Consciousness. On the a-side is the Original Mix that flows quite nicely from the outset with smooth warm beats as well as some smooth atmospheric sounds. The track continues to build with trademark Blue Haze melodic tones taking the production in its grasp, elements that are the focus in the delicate breakdown midway in. The track closes off in style, seeing another short breakdown with smooth string patterns provide another highlight. On the flip, Mike & Adam from 3 Beat Breaks, combine as Dislodged to provide a nice broken beat remix. The smooth melodic elements from the original are warped into a progressive breaks collection of warm melodies and smooth baselines. The track flows nicely with some very solid percussive elements as well as the melodic tones. Quite a nice release here for Nascent continuing the good form they have been showing as a label. The original and Dislodges remix are both equally as impressive and as such warrant a healthy consideration when you are next in a record store.