Tlim Shug - Mutuality EP

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  • Until now, Bobby Donny has kept their releases strictly Dutch. For their fourth record, label chief Steve Mensink casts a wider net, finding a kindred soul in US producer Tlim Shug and his weather-beaten sound. His debut EP for Echovolt Records, Surf Dude, encouraged dancers to "drop in and ride the bone" of its five hardy cuts with a devil-may-care outlook, and a similar sun-kissed frivolity breezes through Mutuality. The title track is the most Bobby Donny-like of these four. It's delightfully wonky, the sound of brightly coloured rubber balls bouncing and kids playing with mom's pots and pans, but reined in enough to make sense on the dance floor. "Overcaste Tune" and "Rari Techno," on the other hand, are dimly lit and lo-fi. They're fine enough, but lack any wow factor. "Wig $plit" is a bit more unusual, reconfiguring a DJ Smokey rap and piano loop into another limping, grainy club track. But for the most part, Mutuality doesn't reach Bobby Donny's usual levels of distinctiveness.
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      A1 Rari Techno A2 Wig $plit B1 Mutuality B2 Overcaste Tune