Jayda G - Sixth Spirit Of The Bay

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  • As a DJ, Jayda Guy isn't afraid to throw in an anthem or three. Her productions, while grounded in something more contemporary (like the rest of the laid-back Vancouver house scene), glow from that same approachability. Freakout Cult, the label she runs with DJ Fett Burger, has been responsible for some excellent party jams, percussive house tracks with an earthy disco bump. Sixth Spirit Of The Bay, the first Jayda G EP for 1080p, improves on that formula, balancing the dazed grooves of her Jaydaisms 12-inch with the effervescence of the records Guy plays out. Named after an Ontario national park and apparently inspired by her memories there as a young field scientist, "Fathom Five" is Guy's best track yet. It has some disco trademarks—a thick bassline, fun cowbells, a spacey breakdown—along with killer piano and a determined stomp that makes every second feel vital. A little gentler, "Cascabel" enters Balearic waters with its distant bird song and slap bass, driven by an irresistible saunter and impressive drum programming. Both songs are robust but easygoing. On the flip, Guy offers two reworks of "Girl Music" by Cafe Lanai, a Montreal duo who released an EP of smouldering, Project Pablo-produced pop last year. "Heaven Could Be Lately" and "Listen Closely" are both fun, but their vocals sound like they belong on a different record. They tell us less about Guy than the A-side, which shows she can be as fun a producer as she is a DJ.
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      A1 Fathom Five A2 Cascabel B1 Heaven Could Be Lately B2 Listen Closely