Young Male - Hot For Destiny And The Street

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  • Of the three core White Material artists, Quinn Taylor, AKA Young Male, is the odd one out. The music of Galcher Lustwerk and DJ Richard is melodic and personality-driven; you could quite easily pick out their tracks in a set. Taylor, on the other hand, is more pragmatic and functional. He expresses himself through the repetition of drums and spare melodic elements—an unnerving synth line, for example—without any extraneous sounds or decorations. Taylor hasn't released a solo record in three years, and on the eighth White Material release, not too much has changed. In fact, the music might even be starker: just one bar into "Hot For Destiny And The Street"'s pulverizing kick drum and you'll know what you're in for. On this one and "Grey Gotham," Taylor shows his talent for arrangement. "Destiny" occasionally shuffles its elements—when Taylor adds a rattling snare it sounds like the kick drum is shaking the whole track, a gleefully destructive trick. On "Grey Gotham," he introduces blasts of ominous noise and an echoed one-note chord, like a grinning take on big room techno. "Drug Deal Videos," the EP's best track, is the surprise. It's brooding techno that unexpectedly erupts with a dulcet bell melody, like a toned-down version of Kowton's "Glock & Roll." It's a neat twist on an EP that's steadfastly utilitarian but still entertaining.
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      A Hot For Destiny And The Street B1 Grey Gotham B2 Drug Deal Videos