Different Fountains - Organism 4

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  • There's an evasive quality to Different Fountains' music, which favours textural psychedelia over firm groove, and sometimes dabbles with bedroom pop. This makes sense when you notice the Belgian connection. Eupen label Meakusma co-released their 2014 debut album, and though the duo's members hail from Austria and Venezuela, their sensibility is very Belgian: subtle, fuzzy and weird. The duo's Organism series has seen their musical world become ever more strange and sprawling. There's something of Meakusma affiliate Madteo to its fourth instalment, particularly the "UFO Edit" of "Corpse." It's there in the fragmented vocal samples, which unspool in flickering threads over a blunt house groove, and in the confusing structure, which roils and changes without following any clear direction. The befuddled feeling carries over into the "Amen Take," which reworks the same elements around a high-speed breakbeat. Jungle's manic energy is present but muted, the feeling more of dreamy drifting. Fitting fodder for Seekersinternational, who've been on their own junglist tip recently. Though breakbeats are absent from their "Dub" of the track, there are jungle echoes in its chord stabs and crazy-paving bassline. These elements are fitted together bewilderingly, bits of percussion and ragga chatter swirling past in delay. The scattergun energy seems to be building to a climax, but instead recedes into a gorgeous coda. The remixers seem to have inherited Different Fountains' tendency of going from A to a quite unexpected B.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Corpse (UFO Edit) A2 Corpse (Amen Take) B1 Corpse (Seekers Dub)