Struction - Gefüge

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  • The third volume of In Order To Dance, R&S's rave-themed compilation series from the '90s, was packed with cult classics from the likes of Human Resource, Second Phase, N-Joi and The Prodigy. In a way, Struction's debut for the label channels some of that bygone spirit and sound. Gefüge deploys a miscellany of broken beats, Apollo-esque ambient and backwards-looking techno, and yet something is missing. The current crop of R&S artists all have their own thing going on, be it superlative sound design (Lakker), technicolored revivalism (Lone) or warehouse weaponry (Paula Temple). With a familiar sentiment and ubiquitous stylistic blend, however, Gefüge has nothing unique about it. It's not bad per se: bass fiends and jungle heads will enjoy "Kreen," "Dolly" is primed for new-school raves and "Warrior" and "Ai" will catch ears with their tough percussion and dreamy pads. But Struction's two tracks for Ilian Tape, released earlier this year, were better, sounding like deconstructed drum & bass smeared over crunchy, wooden rhythms. The music's experimental sound design toyed with mood and anticipation artfully. On Gefüge, there's nothing that we haven't heard time and again.
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      A1 Kreen A2 Warrior B1 Ai B2 Dolly