Call Super - New Life Tones

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  • Over the past few years, Call Super, real name Joe Seaton, has hopscotched between functional and experimental productions. While last year's Migrant EP for Houndstooth featured relatively straight-ahead tracks with spacy dub underpinnings, his most recent record as Ondo Fudd followed the spiritual-jazz-meets-ambient style of cuts like "Sulu Sekou," from his 2014 debut LP, Suzi Ecto. His two EPs as Call Super this year, Nervous Sex Traffic for Dekmantel and now New Life Tones for Houndstooth, aim at a happy medium, mixing high-minded production concepts with beats that beckon towards the club. The opener, "Puppet Scenes," is a sparse, ominous roller whose creaking sound effects and somber synths set the stage for a show-stopping bassline, a loping figure that could have been lifted from a dub reggae record. With its arrival, the track lands in a meditative zone, combining the head-nodding heft of early DMZ releases with an earthier On-U Sound aesthetic. On the surface, "New Life Repercussions" is more conventional. It begins with a tom-heavy house beat, the whole thing teeming with birdsong and rainforest rustling. Up in the canopy, bells and whistles join an optimistic orchestral drone. The mid-range undergrowth contains plaintive piano leads accompanied by IDM-style synth chirps and subtle percussion. Underneath it all, the insistent beat is the river running through this bizarre ecosystem. The track brings the previously divergent strands of Seaton's music into an intriguing, head-spinning whole.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Puppet Scenes B1 New Life Repercussions