Avril - Members Only

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  • Avril a.k.a Fred Magnon releases "Members Only" his follow up album to "That Horse Must Be Starving" off prominent French label F-Communications.Well known for his work with Laurent Garnier and delivering music that batters any preconceived ideas that you had of the "French" sound, Avril projects the dirtier side of the French scene with his twisted beats and down tempo mash of sampled material. Described as "real feral energy", Avril's fusion of distorted guitars and electronic sound is now at the forefront of the post "90s" French scene. Headlining "Transmusicals" (Rennes, France) his live performances are apparently more an experience than a night out, with rumours of theremin abuse and setting laptops on fire, his energy as a performer is reflected throughout his style and music. Urban Serenade filters in French whispers building up to a slow drawn out beat, subtle guitar strumming and synth overlays, creates a feel not shown through the rest of the album. Heavily influenced by Depeche Mode and sounding like the French answer to Sonic Youth at some points. Be Yourself drops in an industrial beat and some hard up spoken word that's soon pacified by sliding bass guitar half way through that turns out a catchy track.Switching from the distorted Room mashing up samples and grated guitar Can't Stand Your Ex Boyfriend rides on a pop rock, radio release that shakes up the darker feel of the album pulling it into a lighter vibe. Diving straight back into the minimal darker approach Power with it's bass heavy guitar and belted out drumming, can't escape the faster approach at which the tracks are coming off the album. As if he almost made for a timeout in the middle, Avril's As the music stops campfire folk tune is out of its element but turns back into the plastic pop TV Dinner female spoken vocals with samples, electro fills and turns. Some artists have the capacity to take you on a journey with their music and only at the point in which EvE +++++ slides in do you realise what tricks are hidden up his sleeve. Throughout the rest of the CD Avril's given label of the "New French Sound" is received and agreed upon. More than a token French artist and performer his talent is obvious with quand tu fais ca a great ambient end. If you expect the unexpected this CD pleasantly surprises. Tracklisting 1. Urban Serenade 2. Be Yourself 3. Room 4 Can't stand your ex's Rock Band 5. Power 6. As the Music Stops 7. TV Dinner 8. Eve +++++ 9. Roofless 10. Quand tu fais ca