Lapien - A Change Is Gonna Come EP

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  • Describing house records as economical or efficient rarely sounds sexy, but Lapien daubs some glitter onto A Change Is Gonna Come's functional tailoring. With a buttery smoothness and elastic percussion, these tracks are supple and substantial enough despite their slim foundations of clipped vocals, hazy synths, hand drums and not much else. Stretching to nearly ten minutes, "A Change Is Gonna Come" is testament to Lapien's smart arrangements, wringing as much as possible from a handful of organic sounds. The track is given some techno bite by 909-type cymbals, but it mostly eschews direct force for a more subtle power. Lapien's music often imbues minimalist ideas with gentle melodies. He makes light work of the task on A Change Is Gonna Come, which is more scenic than his recent Mistress EPs. "As It Is" turns a vowel into a ribbon, strewn through snapping drums and synths that swoop in sharp arcs. "Vexed," whose bass notes are plucked over smooth Prescription-esque melodies, sounds like Lapien on cruise control. His music is more enticing when moving through the gears.
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      A1 A Change Is Gonna Come B1 As It Is B2 Vexed