Daniel Avery ‎- Sensation (Rrose Remix) / Clear (Abdulla Rashim Remix)

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  • Abdulla Rashim's most recent album confirmed that heady, trance-inducing techno is still his forte. His music tends to pulse, ebb, swell and drift—it wants to engulf with its smoky timbres. Much of Rrose's work comes from a similar place. The EAUX boss's drone and ambient experiments came to a conceptual head last year with Having Never Written A Note For Percussion, a record as much about endurance and patience as engrossing sonic environments. Abdulla Rashim and Rrose make perfect bedfellows on this remix 12-inch for Daniel Avery's ruminative techno head trip Sensation. Reverb and space are at the fore of Rrose's "Sensation" remix. The notes echo across a bleak plane, creating trails of sound like apparitions. It's a powerful and eerie track, stripped of the original's functionality and transformed into something more subversive. Abdulla Rashim offers a different kind of zone-out on his remix of "Clear," which is far more potent than Avery's version. The original's prosaic loops have been replaced with some of Abdulla Rashim's otherworldly, neo-tribal sounds, which he pumps over the steely percussion like noxious gas. These two standout remixes have no trouble holding their own.
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      A Sensation (Rrose Remix) B Clear (Abdulla Rashim Remix)