Laksa - Mistry 007

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  • If you have a tendency to get UK young guns Lurka and Laksa mixed up, then this EP may perplex you further. Both artists operate in the futuristic techno space opened up by outfits like Livity Sound, and with his "66 Rebels" track, Laksa finds a sound not dissimilar from Lurka's "Partials." Both tunes are druggy and intense, marrying UK funky syncopations with supremely twisted synth work. Fortunately, this isn't exactly well-trodden ground—if anything, it would be nice to see more producers exploring this strange and intense micro-genre. Laksa's return to Beneath's Mistry label dovetails neatly with his debut from last year, Draw For The. The same rough-edged percussion, sour synth work and utterly dank reverb settings predominate. On "66 Rebels," they hit a new intensity: the synth line wanders erratically in pitch and the drums constantly crest and fall, giving the thing a panicked momentum. At first, "Ctrl Delete" seems to have gone too far: the irradiated synth goo almost waterlogs the beat. But Laksa slowly notches up the techno thrust, speeding us into a dark and uncertain future.
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      A 66 Rebels B Ctrl Delete
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