Randomer & Hodge - Second Freeze / Simple As

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  • Based on their individual outputs, Hodge and Randomer may not sound like ideal collaborators. They respectively approach techno from dubwise and quasi-industrial perspectives. But this year's Running Dry proved Randomer's proficiency with nimble sub frequencies and spacious arrangements, and Hodge has flirted with cacophony and percussive noise on records for Berceuse Heroique and Hemlock. That common ground only grows more fertile on this two-tracker for Livity Sound's "reverse" label, and it makes for some heavy but intricate techno weaponry. The only downside to Second Freeze / Simple As is that both tracks do a very similar thing. Granted, that thing is so powerful that a few crucial differences keep the music fresh. Hodge lends a looseness and buoyancy to Randomer's sharp, kaleidoscopic drum sequences, which makes "Second Freeze" feel like a burly jackrabbit and "Simple As" like a psychedelic spirit dance. These two rollers, with hulking grooves and clockwork precision, should demolish a 125 - 130 BPM mix. It'll be interesting to hear what else Hodge and Randomer can do with their auspicious ideas.
  • Tracklist
      A Second Freeze B Simple As