Steve Lawler - Lost

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  • Who doesn’t know this kingpin? If you ever heard of the words “House,” “Twisted,” or “Fvcked-uped” mixed in together, then that would be the sounds of the man who has pioneered the deep, dark, sweaty sounds of Tribal music. I’ll leave it at that, and if you don’t know who the “King of Space” is then you’ll have to do your homework as Steve Lawler finally reappears in an original lick in “Lost.” Bear witness as the “Original Mix” is not the old Steve Lawler we all knew from before, but the next stage of the taskmaster; a new age of Twisted A.C.I.D HOUSE! Sure, most may say Nathan Fake has already reignited the twisted genre-bending sounds of techy-acid house, and I will most definitely agree, but Steve Lawler is the man who just pushed it even further with an end-defining breakdown that will destroy every fragile mind from here to Mars. A violent score with strong elements of electro house and genuine acid drops can be heard. A first in Steve’s work, given his humble beginnings and the influence Steve’s been having ever since we all heard GU: Lights Out 2. I swear the acid lines running rampant are glorious. Uncontrollable percussion backed with a devastating kick drum is the foundation that sets up for the vivid acid chords pounding your senses. As the track progresses, it creams out a roaring piano line that does nothing less than give you a mindfvck. The bastard gets greedy, layering along two massive breakdowns on one single track – so infectious, so selfish, so undeniably pleasing – a take-no-prisoner heart attack. Flip sees a mix from “Mark Knight and Martijin Ten Velden;” I don’t see anything wrong with that and I hope you don’t either. Mysterious grooves that keep the acid stabs, but Knight and Velden have their own twist, making it a bit dejected, but staying in the Tribal arena with the four-to-the-floor punch much more apparent in the remix; a nice slice that gets overshadowed by the enormous Original. The taskmaster has return to show that he still can be a zenith producer if he chooses. Going from Tribal to Dark Progressive to Acid, Steve Lawler can do no wrong.