Sigha - Christ Figures / New Puritan

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  • Sigha's last Token record was an elegant outing. "Our Father" was bewitching, eerie and tuneful, with just the right amount of warehouse oomph bubbling beneath the surface. The track seemed made for dance floor meditation, with church organs complementing that quasi-religious feeling. "I'm always fascinated by the parallels between communal worship and the club experience," James Shaw has said, "but I can't narrow it down to something more specific." His latest Token EP picks up the theme again, albeit more ambiguously. "Christ Figures" is more theatrical than magical, but it's no less graceful than Our Father. Shaw's attention to detail is his most powerful asset here, like the pin-drop notes placed with precision above an ocean of bass and gaseous atmospherics. "New Puritan" is more militant, with a paranoid loop that demands your attention from the beginning. An elongated, three-note melody brings a sombre tone to the track, as stinging, electrically charged waves wash over the top.
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      A Christ Figures B New Puritan