Lost Scripts - S.O.P. / A.F.K.

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  • In conversation with Gerd Janson a few years ago, John Talabot explained how his label Hivern Discs got its name. "Hivern" is Catalan for winter, "because that's when we make music in Barcelona," he said. Much of the label's catalogue beams sunshine, but now, during its most productive period, Hivern doesn't merely pine for summer. The fourth entry in its sought-after edit series—which sold out in a matter of minutes online—is a cosy dance record. Coming together as Lost Scripts for their first solo 12-inch, Talabot and Pional massage introspective sounds into euphoric shapes, retaining the easy warmth of a pair of slippers. Clicks, claps and other crisp noises flow through "A.F.K," a percussive, West African-style track that begins with laser blasts of electric guitar and undulating distortion. The aqueous arpeggio that follows is among the track's few electronic elements, but just like the rest of "A.F.K.," it has a homespun texture. A-side "S.O.P." samples a 2014 TV show, The Knick. (A previous Hivern edit mined elements of Angelo Badalamenti's "Laura Palmer's Theme," from the Twin Peaks soundtrack.) As comfortable as S.O.P. / A.F.K. can sound, it could still do something spectacular when woven into a DJ set.
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      A S.O.P. B A.F.K.