Dâm-Funk / Nite-Funk - Believer (Fingers Deep-Funk Remix) / Can You Read Me?

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  • Larry Heard reviving his Mr. Fingers alias for the project's first new release in decades remains a major highlight of 2016. There hasn't been any more original music since that February release, though the remixes that followed (not to mention his Rebirth mix) were solid. Now, Heard further extends the year of Mr. Fingers with his "Deep-Funk Remix" of "Believer," an exclusive Dâm-Funk track from his recent DJ-Kicks. This inspired rework is paired with Nite Jewel and Dâm-Funk's collaborative "Can You Read Me?" (also from DJ-Kicks). Both are synthy and smooth and a natural extension of everyone involved. Despite coming from different eras, locations and genres, Heard and Damon Riddick seem to share a fair bit of common ground, at least musically speaking. In the Mr. Fingers version of "Believer," Riddick's original synth hook, a tender and spritely little phrase, takes on a new clarity, its soft glow turned from distant to earnest. And when it's paired with a plush 4/4, sparse percussion, rubbery bass and aqueous pads, the music recalls vintage deep house given the slightest dose of funk. Heard further enriches the track with a quiet, wandering piano, sonorous voices and, about halfway through, his own slow-grooving bassline; only the rudimentary strings he drops in for four quick measures are an unwelcome addition. Aside from that, each element of the "Deep-Funk Remix" blends together seamlessly, as if written collaboratively from the beginning.
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      A1 Dâm-Funk - Believer (Fingers Deep-Funk Remix) B1 Nite-Funk - Can U Read Me?