Terence Fixmer ­- Beneath The Skin

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  • Beneath The Skin, Terence Fixmer's first proper EP for Ostgut Ton, might be this year's quintessential Klubnacht record. Those familiar with the Berghain party will agree that the best sets there are excursive, with a narrative that's part of a wider overall arc. They have peaks, lulls, hooks and glorious curveballs, all of which feature on Beneath The Skin. The title track is both inviting and unnerving, entrancing with its shadowy embrace before it strikes out with a moaning synth line. It finds a masterful balance: progressive and distinct, functional but skewed just enough. "Trace To Nowhere" has an updated retro hook. Twittering acid and bleepy notes collide with a breathy vocal that nods to Fixmer's love for EBM. This one sounds even more disturbed, and yet weirdly bright and celestial. For those looking to play it safer, "Devil May Care" is a hypnotic lull that's no less essential. "Immersion" ends the EP by showing off Fixmer's brighter side. With the exception of his "When The Sun" track for Electric Deluxe, he's rarely sounded so balmy, and the pan pipes, for that matter, have rarely sounded so wonderfully contorted.
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      A1 Beneath The Skin A2 Trace To Nowhere B1 Devil May Care B2 Immersion