Mall Grab - Menace II Society

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  • On Mall Grab's Discogs page, a user jokes, "Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to buy a Mall Grab record before it's sold out." This hints at the hype surrounding Australian house producer Jordan Alexander. He's released records for just over a year, but his sizable discography (and its inflated resell prices) point to a producer on a roll, with his dusty, laidback party cuts fitting somewhere between Route 8 and Galcher Lustwerk. Now, Menace II Society, for Unknown To The Unknown, presents more haze and sensuous vocals samples, but where Alexander's music would usually groove, this EP bangs out. The three tracks have their own twists, but they all come together with punchy percussion and stinging, blown-out textures. "I've Always Liked Grime" bumps a late-night house beat through the contrasting combo of deep mutters and shrill synths, giving it a kind of screwball flare. "Black Palms," a charred and airless drum track, has a gouging rhythm that erupts into a searing throb halfway through—surely Alexander's most brutal work yet. On the title track, things return to a familiar house mode, with bright keys and a vivid, uptempo swing. Its joyous mood is only heightened with a vocal loop that shouts, "Knock the fuck out!," keeping Menace II Society's mean spirit alive.
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      A1 I've Always Liked Grime B1 Black Palms B2 Menace II Society