Soichi Terada / Whodamanny - Tell Me What

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  • Japanese producer (and video game composer) Soichi Terada has seen a flurry of interest in his early '90s house music since last year's stellar, Hunee-curated compilation. Gathering recordings from Terada's Far East label, the disc led to a wave of live gigs around the world, which in turn led to a new generation discovering his timeless (and lovably kitschy) style of house. "Tell Me What" is among the new material to be released since then, landing on young label Gravity Graffiti. And lovably kitschy this is. "Tell Me What" could date back to the same time as "Got To Be Real" or "Let's Groove." There are dusty piano loops, laid-back broken beats and even some C&C-style orchestral hits, though the synth guitar steals the show. It alternates between distorted vamping and searing licks, letting loose some hard rock machismo without a hint of irony. That's always been an endearing quality of Terada's work, and it feels as happy as the wide smile that seems permanently plastered on his face. (For whatever reason, there's also a reversed version of "Tell Me What" on the A-side, which feels like a space-filling gimmick.) On the other side, Mystic Jungle Tribe member Whodamanny contributes two "reinterpretations" that actually sound like ground-up reconstructions. His "Cheap Disco" version features tasteful keyboard playing and a hi-NRG bassline. By the time the Chic guitars and horn blasts land, it resembles "Tell Me What" only in spirit, which is to say it's still a feel-good workout. The disappointing "Post Modern Jazz" version feels like Whodamanny goofing off, with chintzy synth instruments thrown into a faux-jazz motif. It's as unpalatable as the "Reverse" mix on the A-side, which makes Tell Me What a rather wonky 12-inch, albeit one with two very good highlights.
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      A1 Soichi Terada - Tell Me What A2 Soichi Terada - Tell Me What (Reverse) B1 Whodamanny - Tell Me What (Cheap Disco Reinterpretation) B2 Whodamanny - Tell Me What (Post Modern Jazz Reinterpretation)