D. Futers - Dolphin Traxx 001

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  • David Futers seems like someone who can excel at whatever they try. He's had his fingers in a few different pies, and this past spring he made a head-turning dance record for 777 Recordings, earning him comparisons to DJ Metatron. Around the same time, he dropped two tracks on Natural Sciences' new sub-label, Dolphin Traxx, which are just now landing on wax. Tugging on a different set of heartstrings than U Get Me, Dolphin Traxx 001 spills over with joy. The record has a breezy, retro style not unlike some of the best moments in Unknown To The Unknown's catalogue—A-side "I Care" sounds like it was made for DJ Haus's record bag. The track is built on a jacking beat and a simple piano-vocal combo that instantly burrows into your head. Chipmunk vocal samples are beyond clichéd at this point, but there's something about the way this four-syllable phrase rides the down stroke of the piano that's endearing and nearly anthemic. On the flipside, Futers turns from classic house to jungle, chopping up funky drums and more piano samples, and his hand is no less capable. "Never Givin' Up" is a fine facsimile of the style, but it also carries less of the ebullient personality that makes "I Care" powerful and unique.
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      A I Care B Never Givin' Up