Tocharian – Nova Scotia

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  • Based on past productions such as ‘Lacuna’ and ‘Awakening’, it’s pretty safe to say that Matt Slater, aka Tocharian, tends to ooze quality in his musical works. The producer who has found his home at UK based Intrinsic Records, looks set to hit the heights of his past works yet again with his latest release, Nova Scotia. Not only does Matt look to shine yet again, but this release is sure to be another success story in an ongoing volume of nice cuts for Intrinsic, as the flip is armed with a remix from another artist that calls Intrinsic home, Amalgam. First up though is the Original Mix. For the first few minutes the track builds nicely with some crisp, nicely produced drumwork. Soon enough a solid groove forms with the baseline making a nice subtle entrance alongside the main vocal sample which adds a delicate touch to the production. Swirling melodic effects soon make their presence felt, as the track starts to cut up, and then breaks down smoothly in a soundscape of melodies and smooth strings. The drums come back into the scene and soon develop the remainder of the track into a pretty nice uplifting yet deep progressive production. On the flip, the Amalgam Deep Mix sets out on its objective and created a deep smooth remix in contrast to the more melodic original mix. The baseline is noticeably stronger and plays a more vital role, while the drums also play a nice part due to the solid flow is possesses for most part. Stunning string patterns as well as a delicate and harmonic piano line are beautifully introduced midway in to the track, helping this production not to go unnoticed. Another solid release from Intrinsic, but then again it is essentially what we have come to expect from this more then solid label.