Hunee - Hunch Music Remixes

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  • Hun Choi's long-awaited debut as Hunee, Hunch Music, was one of 2015's most indelible full-lengths, one that keeps rewarding with repeat listens. The music's casual and effortless sound belied the skill that went into each track. On Hunch Music Remixes, Sex Tags scamp DJ Fett Burger and Germany's Mick Wills highlight Choi's ability to make no-nonsense tracks and his underlying sense of play. For his ten-minute version of "Crossroads," Fett Burger dilates the original's ambient opening to three times its length, before bringing in computer blips and a slowed breakbeat. Usually a double-digit Fett Burger track suggests an epic, but this feels lazy and unfocused. The drums dribble away after seven minutes, and then we're subjected to another three minutes of ambient dithering. Wills' rework of "Hiding The Moon" accentuates the bruising kick that arose midway through the original, amplifying it for a relentless track. Dramatic, foreboding chords arise and grow denser as the track gathers in pressure, suggesting a dark cloud hiding this moon.
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      A Hiding The Moon (Mick Wills Remix) B Crossroads (DJ Fett Burger's Boss Brian Computer Mix)