The Orb - Alpine Diskomiks - Sin In Space Pt. 2

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  • It's been a big year for Prins Thomas, who kicked things off in February with a stellar ambient opus and has since dropped remixes for the likes of Phillip Lauer, Sepalcure, Bryan Ferry and Todd Terje, among others. (And that's to say nothing of his original tracks and work on Full Pupp's steady release schedule.) These three remixes of The Orb's "Alpine Evening" aren't among his heartiest tracks, but they are an indulgent aside in a banner year for the Norwegian artist. Certain house DJs might even find some big, bright disco grooves to lace their next set with. Alpine Diskomiks - Sin In Space Pt. 2 deserves credit for taking The Orb's recent single in every direction possible. The titular "Diskomiks" version spans 11-plus minutes of the robust bounce-and-clap and spacey touches synonymous with Prins Thomas and his Oslo peers; "Simpler Tool For DJ Fools" whittles that down to seven and a half beefed-up minutes of club thump; "Short Yoga Break Version" is the shortest and prettiest, toying with the details of the original track's curious atmospherics. It's all no more than a fan of Prins Thomas or The Orb would ask for, which is most likely the point here. Hearing two veterans like these join forces to do what they've perfected for years and years is its own reward.
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      A1 Alpine Diskomiks (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) B1 Alpine Diskomiks (Prins Thomas Simpler Tool For DJ Fools) B2 Alpine Diskomiks (Prins Thomas Short Yoga Break Version)