Powder - Afrorgan

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  • With each new record, the Japanese producer Powder reveals more aspects of her mysterious production prowess while also making every new track that much more a surprise. She has ties to Mood Hut and Tokyo-based duo Cos/Mes, and a mix of her own productions for the strange Perks And Mini boutique tantalizes at what's still to come. For now, her second EP for DJ Samo's Born Free Records satisfies with three tracks that thrill as they upend expectations. "Afrorgan" suggests an Afro-styled track, but it instead has effervescent qualities akin to Pender Street Steppers' "Bubble World." That titular organ gives way to slurps, tiny lasers, swirls of wind and a thirst-quenching sigh right out of a cola commercial. "Fridhemsplan" is built from a drone, blip and beep that bizarrely brings to mind keyboard-wielding rock bands like Silver Apples or Six Finger Satellite. The sine-waves grow more wooly, and with a shake of a tambourine the track increases in intensity. "Random Ladder With 40" has a fuzzy chord on loop and radio frequencies that swell. Slowly rising from the haze is a voice that could be lifted from a '90s shoegaze song, murmuring about "love now." As if you could love Powder any more.
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      A1 Afrorgan A2 Random Ladder With 40 B Fridhemsplan