Various - Moments 002

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  • Like Tommy Four Seven's 47 enterprise, Moments is I/Y's irregular night in Berlin. In 2014, the pair pressed up tracks from invitees Voiski, Blind Observatory and Schloss Mirabell, alongside an eponymous production from themselves, to document the event. There have been a few more parties since, and Moments 002 honours one that was held at Arena club last April, with special guests Stanislav Tolkachev and Christopher Joseph from The Record Loft. It's backed again with an I/Y track, "Bellwether," as well as a rare solo outing by the duo's Irakli Kiriza, "Walk Over." "Bellwether" and Joseph's "The Key" are cool, sleek DJ tools. They're proof that both artists—and, indeed, Moments itself—have a mind for functionality and work well for Berlin's seemingly endless nights. I/Y's cut is deep and enveloping, while Joseph offers more of an acidic sci-fi trip that's wrought with anxiety. Tolkachev naturally steps up with something much more subversive. "Don't Be Surprised" begins in a fairly club-ready zone, but then those military kicks start to give way to the tumult of wriggly synths and metal works that wrestle over the top. "Walk Over" ends things on a muggy tropical sound, with twittering birdsong and a weak pulse—just enough to keep us ploughing further ahead into a strangely pleasant zone.
  • Tracklist
      A1 I/Y - Bellwether A2 Christopher Joseph - The Key B1 Stanislav Tolkachev - Don't Be Surprised B2 Irakli - Walk Over