Lemme Kno - UNTHANK009

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  • Lemme Kno is a collaboration between Dublin's Morgan Buckley and Washington, DC's Andrew Field-Pickering. As solo artists, their work has taken aslant approaches to dance music, Buckley doing lo-fi leftfield house and Max D and his Future Times label exploring techno's farthest corners. But if Lemme Kno's cartoonish sleeve art and band name didn't tip you off, UNTHANK009 is a bit of a lark. The intent here is to come at you with as many different styles as possible, not necessarily moving anything forward but having fun nevertheless. B-side "1234567" opens with a sighed "I love you" and Orb-esque burbles and laser zaps, before it rides the type of crisp '90s breakbeat that slots it alongside the likes of Florist's "Marine Drive." But on "Way (188 Krew Mix)," Buckley and Field-Pickering delve deeper into their hip-hop breaks files, with an adenoidal sample chopped up in the manner of early turntablism. "The Tie With The Most Stripes" shoehorns day-glo rave beats, '90s hip-hop breaks records, new age jungle and plinking electronic abstraction into one track. It changes styles every few bars, but rather than feeling overstuffed it sounds light on its feet.
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      A1 The Tie With The Most Stripes A2 Way (188 Krew Mix) B1 1234567