Futers - U Get Me

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  • David Futers is a UK composer and producer, who—outside of his work in new music and experimental electronics—dabbles in a few strains of dance music. His recent 12-inch for Natural Sciences sub-label Dolphin Traxx, released as D. Futers, makes him out to be more of a house and garage enthusiast, and this four-tracker for Berlin label 777 deals with hardcore, acid and ambient. Regardless of the style he works in, Futers has a warm-heartedness that puts his work on the same wavelength as Traumprinz and DJ Metatron. But where records like 2 The Sky take a specifically majestic approach to memories of rave euphoria, U Get Me also highlights the music's grit, funk and bass weight. The two A-side tracks swaddle Futers' breaks and chopped vocals in glowing pads, which gives the hard-hitting "U Get Me" a downcast hue and elevates the slippery acid of "Slammin'." Those heavenly synths return in force to make "-Cide" a blissful downtempo cut with a disjointed, druggy edge—it'll hopefully close plenty of dawn-lit sets. For peak-hour dance floors, though, the best of the bunch is "Mackin'," the saucy and sampladelic house jam that's all jacking beats, breezy disco loops and hyped vocals. It borrows heavily from a '94 underground rap anthem, Lil Gin's "Shake Junt," which Three 6 Mafia produced with major love for breaks and bass. In making these kinds of unexpected connections, Futers turns U Get Me from a loving, well-crafted pastiche to a record that finds new directions for familiar music.
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      A1 U Get Me A2 Slammin' B1 Mackin' B2 -Cide