DJ Spider - Ninja Drive­-By EP

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  • Invested in the macabre, the horrific and the downright evil, Rob Hampton has always carried the weight of humanity's woes on his shoulders. Most of the dread has been channeled into his dark ambient project, Spider Bites, though as DJ Spider Hampton can be just as wretched. He's shown a brighter side over the years (check his collaborations with Marshallito), and it's there—between the light and the shadows, the fearful and the funky—that you'll find some of his most resonant work. Ninja Drive-By, Hampton's first EP for Rekids after last year's excellent remix of Radio Slave's "The Clone Wars," is one such record. "Dirt Nap" is culled from Hampton's worst nightmares and imbued with horror film references: screams, coughs, moans and growls have all been folded into the rattling, guttural bass and left in the dark to fester. "Planetary DisFunkshun" similarly chugs along, but it's brought out of the murk by the mewing warbles of a synth freakout. "TMC" and "Montag" add Latin flavours to the mix. In both cases, Hampton deploys tainted deep house pads that muck up the jovial vibe with threatening and stormy sounds—a typically atypical DJ Spider move.
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      A1 Dirt Nap A2 TMC B1 Planetary DisFunkshun B2 Montag