Warren Harris / Hanna - Time Hotel

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  • Warren Harris has his own guidelines governing his exploration of the deep. Throughout his work you'll find noodley keys, exquisite vocal samples, a tendency not to quantize and a penchant for sounds that might be called dainty—synth-flute filigrees, soft pads, etc. "I don't really listen to house and electronic music," Harris said in a 2001 interview. "I'm more of a musician and into the harmonics…. I'm more of an artist. I'm not into it from the dance perspective. I'm into the chords and real deep stuff." It's appropriate that he wound up with a 12-inch on Sound Signature, whose label head, Theo Parrish, is known for finding funkiness in the most unlikely bins of the record store. It's also fitting that Time Hotel would, a decade after its initial release, find itself deserving of a repress. Anyone who's ever tried to mix these loose and jaunty tracks can tell that Harris didn't have the DJ's best interests in mind when he made them, though most DJs who hear these tunes will want to play them out. "Metropolitan" and "Healing," both beautiful and funky, are the best candidates. "Cottage" makes this record a sensible summertime repress. It's an expressive groove whose principal melodic elements are acoustic guitar, somber piano and a riddle of a fretless bass. Here Harris found new depths of deep, and people need to hear it.
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      A1 Metropolitan A2 Cottage B1 Healing B2 Afternoon In Paris (N.Y. Mix)