Najem Sworb - Rad Velc EP

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  • Najem Sworb's Rad Velc EP does the rare thing of being utilitarian and fun at the same time, and it also has a bit of something for everyone. "K-159" is probably the screwiest of the lot, with an off-kilter beat designed to be noticeably strange but not overpowering enough to throw you off. It's more pleasantly quirky, the kind of subversive techno one should expect from a former Ai Records affiliate. There are more subtle perversions going on behind "K-166" and "K-abL." The way Najem Sworb teases his little displacements—a few additional bass hits here, a ripple of crystalline chords there—helps reset the functionality of his forms. "K-177" finishes the EP on a dour and thundery note, with dredging bass, spikes of synths and a sense of drama all around.
  • Tracklist
      A1 K-159 A2 K-166 B1 K-abL B2 K-177