Various - Lovers Rock No. 10

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  • Ital's Lovers Rock label has never just been about watery, introspective dance music. (As early as 2014, on their first compilation, DJ Wey was sneaking in the obnoxious "Nosebleed.") But their releases have tended towards that sound, the consistency and intimate mood reflecting the tight crew that makes them. This second various-artist EP keeps the crew, but hints at a splintering style. The result is kind of disjointed, though there's not much to fault in its individual components. Granted, it's not all a surprise. Ital is still refining the smoky techno formula he discovered on 2014's Endgame; the strobe-lit, melodic "Vacation" is a decent example of the style. And Sleeper Cell, his duo with Jacob Long, offers the gorgeous dubby sprawl of "V." But the rest of Lovers Rock No. 10 tugs in different directions. Gunnar Haslam, new to the label but part of a similar New York scene, supplies a partner piece to his recent "Snappy" for Naif. That tune was a high-speed banger, and so is "Vector No Campo," a terse piece of 140-plus BPM electro whose synth arp dances like a trapped insect. DJ Wey once again keeps us guessing with a track under his DJ Python alias: "Amazonia"'s swaying groove has reggaeton flavours, though the tender melody on top reminds us just what label we're dealing with.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Ital - Vacation A2 DJ Python - Amazonia B1 Gunnar Haslam - Vector No Campo B2 Sleeper Cell - V