Borusiade - Feelings Of Entropy

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  • Borusiade, AKA Miruna Boruzescu, is a film school graduate who says cinema is her second love, after music. This fixation is apparent on her second EP, Feelings Of Entropy. Two records in and Boruzescu has already carved out a very specific lane for herself, delivering dark disco influenced by film composers John Carpenter and Claudio Simonetti. As on her Cómeme debut, Jeopardy, the most hair-raising moment here comes on the title track, when Boruzescu steps up to the mic to deliver evocative yet deadpan vocals. Every track on Feelings Of Entropy is built on a single-note, arpeggiated bassline, the kind that perfectly score nighttime driving scenes in '80s neo-noirs. The title track's vocals, however, depict a more dystopian setting, perhaps the depressing world of Carpenter's 1989 alien mind-control flick They Live. After the beautiful, somewhat nonsensical line, "Long-forgotten heartbeats pound loud in the night, from a storytelling memory, the streetcar's lights approaching and blinking in my eyes," Boruzescu tells the listener, "Embrace this war… You've seen it coming." Boruzescu keeps up the foreboding mood with her instrumentals. On "Twilight Blindness," she builds a terse atmosphere from wheezing synths, eventually introducing a trebly, post-punk bassline. On "Sympathy For The Suspicious," she looks back a decade further, to the baroque '70s soundtracks of prog-horror groups like Goblin. Unlike a lot of analog fetishists functioning in this zone, Boruzescu isn't aiming for a carbon-copy. She counters her skill for sinister leads with low-slung, 105 BPM disco-not-disco. "Sympathy"'s panning hi-hats lighten things up, and the funky percussion only cuts out for a synth climax that could soundtrack some overwrought Satanic ritual. Like the best horror directors, Boruzescu understands that a little camp goes a long way.
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      A1 Feelings Of Entropy A2 Twilight Blindness B1 Sympathy For The Suspicious B2 Brain Bazaar