Losoul - Synchro

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  • Losoul is probably best known for "Open Door," a loopy floor-filler that still gets plenty of club play 20 years after it was released. But that track, with its warm and fuzzy disco feel, misrepresents his sound somewhat. Most of the German producer's tracks are far more stripped back, with little more than leaden drums floating in syrupy basslines. Synchro, an EP released around the same time as "Open Door," better exemplifies both his sound and the sound of its era—the first phase of minimal's reign over German dance music. Though it might sound a little nondescript to some listeners today, it's a fitting release on Another Picture, the label Losoul uses to reissue his own records. "Synchro" embodies a style that became increasingly popular after its release: house music that's been drained of its earthly qualities, reduced to raw grooves and abstract sounds. There are no vocals, no recognizable instruments (sampled or otherwise), just punchy drums, a powerfully driving rhythm and a weird buzz for a hook. "Under" has more depth of field, with dozens of tiny percussive loops teeming around the central pulse. At more than ten minutes each, these two spartan tracks might get a little dry after a while—there are certainly more colorful records in Losoul's catalog I'd have dusted off before Synchro. But both are minor classics of their genre, and will make a happy addition to countless DJs' record collections.
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      A Synchro B Under