Richard X - Back To Mine

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  • Richard X a well known producer from Sheffield in his twenty's, has continued a run of releases to shake up your thoughts on the direction of popular music today. Collaborating with well known pop artists such as the Suga Babes, Kelis, Liberty X (no relation), Richard takes a leftfield approach to reworking pop tracks and eighties classics alike.Richard's remix of TLC's hit No Scrubs (bootleg) that he released himself under the name Girls on Top, had record label Virgin signing him up rather than sending the lawyers round for blood. Pushing things forward in a perilous direction of warped eighties tracks, Richard manages to get away with releasing a motley collection of songs on the back to mine series. Other artist releases on the series include ~ Dave Seaman ~ Danny Tenaglia ~ Groove Armada ~ Faithless ~ Everything But The Girl ~ Orbital ~ New Order ~ The Orb ~ Underworld ~ Tricky ~ Audio Bullys just to name a few. Independent dance label DMC has had a raging success with these releases but Richard's mix from his personal collection is more of a mash up of different tunes taking an obscure turn off the beaten path. With some well known names appearing on the CD it appears that the more "out there" tracks from some artists have made it on to the tracklisting like Goldfrapps "Black Cherry' and Kelis "Young Fresh n New".If your into an alternative from your everyday tunes or are looking for something else to keep you exploring what else is out there don't get to ready for a Ground breaking CD that takes you into another world of electro pop, eighties kick back songs, instead i think you'll be asking yourself how some of these songs were released let alone made it on to this compilation. On the other hand if you want a CD that brings back memories of living through the eighties and miss the sound that has come to be all so popular at the moment, this CD would fit into the collection of records that you can find for a dollar in your local op-shop.Not totally writing off Richard's taste in music for he has released some quirky tracks worth their recognition but this one sounds like a mix tape found in the back of your car dating back to 1985. Tracklisting 01. I Monster 'Who Is She?' 02. John Carpenter 'Assault On Precinct 13' 03. Goldfrapp 'Black Cherry' 04. Jona Lewie 'You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties' 05. Kelis 'Young Fresh 'n' New' 06. Nivea 'Run Away (I Wanna Be With You)' 07. Heaven 17 'Let Me Go' 08. Animotion 'Obsession' 09. S.Y.D. featuring Nancy Fortune 'Discomanic' 10. Legowelt vs. Orgue Electronique 'Haunted Arp' 11. Pete Shelley 'Homosapien (Dub)' 12. Mum & Dad 'Dawn Rider' 13. Denton And Cook 'Tomorrow's World ­ Theme from the BBC TV Series' 14. Trans X 'Living On Video' 15. FPU 'Ocean Drive (Tiga's White Linen Vox)' 16. The Silures '21 Ghosts'