Galaxian & DJ Stingray - NU-1000

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  • Galaxian is a Glaswegian electro producer often seen wearing a fighter pilot's helmet. From the sound of NU-1000, his new collaboration with DJ Stingray, it's a wise choice of head gear. These high-tempo workouts endlessly tunnel down flanged vortices—it feels like barrel-rolling through churning portals at warp speed. And sometimes the mix becomes locked in a time-stretched death roll, only to spring back to life like T-1000. Galaxian's 12-inches on Last Known Trajectory marked him as a thrilling producer, but like many under-the-radar electro heads, much of his material is only found on digital compilations and CDRs. NU-1000, however, is impossible to overlook. The similarities between the producers are startling. Galaxian's "Storm Coming" sounds something like Stingray's "No Knock" from F.T.N.W.O. Its down-pitched human speech, ricocheting delays and sickly flange are all Stingray hallmarks, but it never seems derivative—the cumulative effect is so visceral that questions over originality remain far from mind. On the tracks involving both producers, they push each other in directions rarely bettered in their solo work. There's extreme information overload, but rather than sounding jumbled or crowded they're hyper-focused and articulate, with elements morphing faster than human processing power can follow. NU-1000 chills out a notch on closer "Totally Controlled," whose plangent chords and vocoder intonations make for a contemplative mood that's no less engrossing. Hopefully Stingray and Galaxian get a chance to explore other facets of their sound in the future; there's clearly something potent at work here.
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      A1 Galaxian - Storm Coming Producer A2 DJ Stingray & Galaxian - NU-1000 A3 DJ Stingray & Galaxian - Graphene B1 DJ Stingray - Dopant B2 DJ Stingray & Galaxian - CaCuSi4O10 B3 DJ Stingray & Galaxian - Totally Controlled