Rhythm Based Lovers - Frequency Illusion

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  • For a minute there, few producers in the US underground were as prolific as Jason Letkiewicz. Recording either as Steve Summers, Confused House, Malvoeaux, Alan Hurst, Sensual Beings or Death Commando, he was one of the cornerstone acts on L.I.E.S., doing dusty analog jams that could veer into house, techno or even horror soundtracks with ease. But the man fell silent the past three years and only came back into view early this year with his Death Commando project. Now, Letkiewicz revives his dormant Rhythm Based Lovers alias and returns to the label that released his first seven-inch eight years ago. Coinciding with Max D's long-delayed Boost and Will DiMaggio's "Fusion (Broadcast Mix)" (a contender for track of the summer), this 12-inch could get lost in the mix. Don't let it, as both sides prove Letkiewicz's sensibilities remain whetted. "Frequency Illusion" opens with a tough kick and hi-hat combo that brings to mind the spiky disco-punk patterns of DFA's remix of Le Tigre's "Deceptacon." The track quickly jumps into a heady new space, however, adding deft touches of chimes and bells that suggest a zooted mindstate, even as things chug along and gather steam. "Number Games" moves deeper into that cloudy zone: sluggish, murky, strange. A subliminal, barely-there murmur propels the track. It never shakes the haze (an effect that brings to mind early Terekke) as it moves with queasy chords, only a steady ride cymbal keeping it grounded. It's an effective and mysterious track that will hopefully mean there's more to come from one of Letkiewicz's numerous aliases.
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      A Frequency Illusion B Number Games