Danny Daze - Speicher 91

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  • Danny Daze's second contribution to Kompakt's Speicher series arrives almost two years after his first. During that time, the Miami-based producer started his own label, OMNIDISC, where he's focused on his love for tough, Detroit-inspired dance music. The title track from this year's Miami EP doubled down on the rugged electro sounds and techno structures Daze had teased on records like Silicon and Four, tapping into music that Ryan Keeling said "could actually pass for Gesloten Cirkel." You could potentially say the same of the concussive kicks and robo-voices that pepper Speicher 91, though it otherwise sounds unlike either artist. The techy, 125 BPM sway of "Machine" and "Swim"'s patient arp manipulations suit Kompakt's discography but downplay the imposing energy and undeniable basslines that have always marked Daze's best work. Back in 2014, Speicher 80's two tracks made solid use of rapidfire acid sequences, warm melodic touches and a low-key sense of funk; 91, on the other hand, focuses on vaguely trippy FX and slow-creeping climaxes that never deliver. Compared to highlights like "Miami" and "Chain Breaker," these two sound bloodless, delivering rhythms with a mechanical rigidness that feels unnatural in a catalog colored with buoyancy and sinister groove.
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      A Danny Daze- Swim B Danny Daze & Translucent - Machine