Ficta – Eli (Original and James Zabiela mix)

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  • James's younger brother, Aidan Lavelle releases his first track 'Eli' under his 'Ficta' moniker with GU Music after already having the track featured on three of very strong compilations; James Holden's Balance 005, JZ's 'Sound In Motion' and Global Underground's 'Afterhours'. The original of this track is an uplifting and energetic mixture of sounds. Outside of the slightly more standard bass-line introduction, this production features a beautiful blend of building synths and strings that last for the main portion of this track. It's a very safe tune, and a very easy choice for DJs as the intro and outro make it rather easy way to bring in all the things that make Eli such a wonderful tune. It is because of its most soothing melodies that it has been slotted perfectly into Afterhours 2003 compilation, already been featured in sets by many of the big name DJs and sets a most impressive basis for someone like James to really tear apart. James Zabiela covers the remix duty finely with his 'Rave Lizard Remix' of Aidan 'Eli'. He gives the tune more of an evil breaks angle showcasing a variety of sounds. It spans from a dirty electronic sounding bassline to a very 'old skool' euphoric rave like breakdown which should bring back some sweet memories for those of you that have been around and back. The male electronic vocal added also gives his mix a sense of greater depth. Where the original is a great early-to-peak night tune, Zabiela's Rave Lizard mix is a more on the other side of the plate, a peak-to-late night spirit lifting affair. For those of you with access to JZ's recent Radio 1 Essential Mix you can hear his Rave Lizard mix (with a hint of dialect added for good measure) played just over an hour and a half into the mix - simply amazing.