Project Pablo - Priorities

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  • After re-launching this year with a familiar-sounding EP by newcomer Lance Neptune, Lone's Magic Wire label has tapped another artist who deals in bright and jazzy house music. Canadian producer Patrick Holland, who's best known as Project Pablo, may not have an especially unique style, but his carefree energy is charming. That's what made I Want To Believe stand out in the jam-packed 1080p catalog and it defines Priorities as well. Anyone looking for some kind of evolution or curveball from these four tracks will be disappointed—but then again, that's not the point. Holland has an expert producer's light touch and knack for details. Highlight "Evening Call" is a prime example of this: just a slight offbeat thump of the kick drum or a couple extra notes snuck into the bass riff for one measure really make the tune feel alive. Twittering digital synths are another Project Pablo calling card, and are once again used to great effect, their dayglo shine giving loungey grooves like "Lalime (Dandana Mix)" a retro-futuristic tint. Save for the brief and beatless "About To Leave," which closes Priorities with some soulful Rhodes chords, Holland's expectedly warm and shimmying house fare remains in fine shape on this EP. With any luck he'll pack a surprise or two into the next one.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Evening Call A2 Warm Priority B1 Lalime (Dandana Mix) B2 About To Leave