Call Super - Nervous Sex Traffic

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  • Call Super's Nervous Sex Traffic is a dance record with a contaminated bliss, which comes from its clever contrasts. Though JR Seaton's drums are jarring, other ingredients are more fragile and nuanced. Beneath the title track's sickly synth hums and harmonies that drift in and out of key, cheap metal FX rustle and fidget. "Nervous Sex Traffic"'s misaligned sounds are entrancing, even as they portray an unstable moment of dance floor revelry. There's a similar contradiction to "Mount Grace," whose bold boom-bap frames a pool of brittle sounds. A keyboard lead evokes Omar-S and hints at a straightforward banger, but then things sink into an ambient broth of echo and delay. Seaton makes a virtue of this open space, lining it with warped fragments of what came before. The track sounds even more frustrated than "Nervous Sex Traffic"—melodies stir fitfully, then crumble; disfigured sounds ring harshly before following suit. Its euphoria is fleeting, to the point where, as a dance record, it could be self-defeating. But the joy of "Mount Grace" is even more enticing when it seems just beyond reach.
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      A Nervous Sex Traffic B Mount Grace