Kenny Glasgow - Imagine A World feat. Shanira G

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  • "Sexxy," the first track on Kenny Glasgow's first EP after leaving Art Department, prominently featured a saxophone. As instrument choices go, it was a statement—like shaving your hair off after a breakup. It wasn't such a great track. The groove was wooden, the arrangement a little fussy, but it showed his intention to create some distance from his collaboration with Jonny White. Art Department was known for its druggy, low-slung, bass-driven sound, a style that peaked in "Without You," RA's top track of 2010. Sax aside, In Too Deep, the EP "Sexxy" featured on, had more of an overt dance floor focus than lots of the music White and Glasgow wrote together. The same goes for Imagine A World. "Imagine A World" is a decently realised house track that's let down by a single detail: the spoken Spanish vocal from Shanira G. The interplay between the arpeggiated synth, quivering top line and Glasgow's simple laments is slick, but anyone who's familiar with Fragma's 1999 Ibiza smash "Toca Me" is going to find it hard to love her contribution. If you DJ digitally, consider creating a two-bar loop around the 30 second-mark on Jori Hulkkonen's remix—at that point it's a kicking electro drum tool. But the flute-style synth the Finnish veteran later pairs with Glasgow's vocal isn't a convincing match. The Diynamic Music artist H.O.S.H. tightens up the decay on the original's bassline and tries out different melodic configurations with varying degrees of success. Overall, the German artist seems to be lacking a spark of inspiration, something that's true elsewhere on the EP.
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      01. Imagine A World feat. Shanira G 02. Imagine A World feat. Shanira G (Jori Hulkkonen Remix) 03. Imagine A World feat. Shanira G (H.O.S.H. Remix)