Julian Perez ‎- Now, After

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  • When it comes to loopy house, nothing beats a fat bassline. Of course, things like a sense of groove and snazzy drums need to be in place, but there's no doubt that killer low-end gets people on the floor. Julian Perez knows all about floor-fillers, having provided Ibiza's Fathers & Sons Productions label with some of its most sought-after 12-inches. (And, considering some of those records have gone for more than €100 just months after release, that's saying something.) Now, After, Perez's first release for the now Berlin-based Raum...musik, features two jacking house tracks, both of which use in-your-face basslines to great effect. "Clue Me In," the slightly darker B-side, is my pick of the two. It recalls UK producer OCH's 2011 track "Last Chance Saloon," another melancholic roller that puts all the attention on massive bass. Perez's production is more straightforward, the kind of track you can imagine bringing a few tired ravers to their feet for one final hurrah long after they should've gone home. The title track is more positive, with bright keys and dubby synths. This is a versatile 12-inch that should come in handy during a party's final stretch.
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      A Now, After B Clue Me In