Lindstrøm - Closing Shot

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  • For anyone who came to love Hans-Peter Lindstrøm through mid-'00s singles like "I Feel Space" and "Another Station," the last few years may have been trying. First came the brain-fried, proggy disco of 2012's Six Cups Of Rebel, which felt like Lindstrøm muscling himself into a new realm of the bizarre. Then there was last year's collaboration with Todd Rundgren and Emil Nikolaisen of Serena-Maneesh: the fractured pop excursions of Runddans only consolidated the opinion that Lindstrøm seemed to have become lost. In between those albums, however, Lindstrøm snuck out Smalhans almost like a musical mea culpa. Full of the prime-time space-disco the Norwegian producer made his name on, the album was a welcome look back from an artist who'd seemingly moved on from his past. Or so we thought. Following last year's pop-laced "Home Tonight," Lindstrøm has released "Closing Shot," a buoyant bit of blue-sky disco that harkens back to the effortless ascendancy in his earliest singles. Over quickened drums, claps and patient filter play, Lindstrøm overlays soft pads with one of his classic synthesizer melodies; at times, it sounds a bit like New Order reimagined by Vangelis. Once the track blooms into its central theme, the fluid melody and anthemic build recall recent Todd Terje material. "Closing Shot" is the kind of jam Lindstrøm has been holding back for far too long, and it deserves all the attention such a return to form warrants.
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      01. Closing Shot