Jordan GCZ - Fission Transmission

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  • Jordan Czamanski, who's part of Juju & Jordash and Magic Mountain High, is a major proponent of live, often improvised techno. As Jordan GCZ he's channeled those jammy impulses into jazzier music, sounds that are more soulful than spacey. Each record has been better than the last, culminating in the classy Lushlyfe on Rush Hour last year. Czamanski returns to his Off Minor label with his most ambitious solo effort, Fission Transmission, taking past work into new cinematic realms. "Fission Transmission" is the aural equivalent of putting chemicals in a beaker and watching them bubble for 16 minutes. It's all about texture: gurgling synths spurt their way through a heady intro, before a kick drum brings some order around five minutes in. Then the keyboards fade into view—with chords daubing together and shimmering in a wonderfully lazy melody, "Fission Transmission" is some of Czamanski's prettiest playing on record. As the track recedes into a smouldering outro, it cuts a soft-focus shape somewhere between Fred P and Mood Hut. Two alternate mixes offer beatless and techno-fied versions. They're presumably for dance floor use, but this record is really all about the A-side's careful sprawl. On "Fission Transmission," Czamanski's improvisation feels almost symphonic.
  • Tracklist
      A Fission Transmission B1 Fission Transmission (Drum Mix) B2 Suspicion Transmission (No Drum Mix)