Moiré - Lines + Colours

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  • Moiré is has now worked with not one but two of electronic music's major crossover labels. The first was Ninja Tune (via Actress's Werk Discs), and before this hookup with Ghostly he dallied with another heavy hitter, R&S. What is it about his music that lands him such coveted deals? A cynic would say it's the packaging: the London producer sets the seductive sheen of Actress in a solid house framework, shrewdly balancing function and confusion. It also helps that his sound has turned out to be more stable—and thus dependable—than was promised on earlier releases. But this analysis doesn't do justice to the moments of brilliance in his discography. Following last year's rowdy Gel EP, his debut on Ghostly returns to the slinkier style he's known for. In places, Lines + Colours hits a sweet spot that makes it all worthwhile. When that happens his scuffed loops have real longevity, as demonstrated on the ten-minute title track. There's some nice detailing to it—wobbly synth squiggles, the odd suggestion of a techno-like bleep—but it's really all about the way the creamy arp turns somersaults around a patient house thump. About halfway in you go from intrigued to hypnotised, and by minute ten you've forgotten what you were doing. "Red Circle" is a safe but satisfying reprise of the producer's usual heavy-lidded funk. The sedated soul chords recline way back on the beat, and there's a hint of lazy menace in its bassline. The rest of the EP tentatively explores fresh ideas. "Brixton" feels unsure of itself; its jaunty chords sit oddly with pads that sluice in from the midpoint. "Mirrors" is better, its beat fading in not with the usual stoned swagger but the steady patience of techno. It's an association strengthened by looped toms and cool feedback trails, though the bassline still has that familiar old glint in its eye. At this point, we know what Moiré does best, and so does he.
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      A1 Red Circle (feat. Bones) A2 Brixton B1 Lines + Colours