Donato Dozzy - Squadra Quadra EP

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  • With that jaw harp obsession now out of his system, Donato Dozzy's first record of 2016 returns to the heavier and headier ends of his techno mysticism. Squadra Quadra features two relentless rhythm tracks that work into precisely orchestrated currents of drone and dynamic texture. The sensations are all-encompassing, and only further heightened by Dozzy's patient flourishes—a wash of majestic synth in "Quadra Nove," a throb of deep low-end in "Quadra Sette." Between the tunnel-vision grooves, trippy melodic tones and palpable atmospheres, Squadra Quadra sounds like Dozzy operating at the top of his abilities. In fact, the music is so well developed and finely tuned that it can feel hermetic. Each side of the 12-inch is a monolith erected in the name of peak-hour dance floors; "Quadra Sette" climbs higher and higher on its drum machine gallop, and the ominous churn of "Quadra Nove" looms overhead. They're certainly both something to marvel at, even as they feel so otherworldly.
  • Tracklist
      A Quadra Sette B Quadra Nove