Florida Boys / Gunnar Haslam - Everglade / Snappy

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  • For an artist of his standing, Efdemin takes a pretty casual approach to his label, Naïf: once every year or so, he quietly drops another rubber-stamped 12-inch, often to little fanfare and with seemingly no criteria beyond his own taste as a DJ. The result has been a series of classy and effective club records from a hodgepodge of esteemed producers, along with the occasional up-and-comer. Nina Kraviz released one of her earliest tracks on Naïf in 2009. Last year, the young New Yorker Gunnar Haslam gave us "Overcomplete," an acid stomper that might be Naïf's biggest track yet. Haslam returns on NAIF 07, though the main selling point is an old tune: Patric Raddatz's "Reshape" of Florida Boys' "Everglades," a tech house earworm from 1999 that might sound familiar even if you don't know it by name. Fierce and punchy, with a bubbling acid line and a melody that screams sleep deprivation, it's an addictive banger well worth dusting off (though, for what it's worth, the original pressing is cheaply and available). Haslam delivers a trickier club tool. "Snappy (606 Overdose Mix)" is a fast and slamming techno track full of "Spastik"-style drum fills. With the bold tempo of 140 BPM, it's unlikely to get rinsed the way "Overcomplete" was, but you'd be lucky to find yourself at any party that calls for something this serious.
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      A Florida Boys - Everglade (Reshape) B Gunnar Haslam - Snappy (606 Overdose Mix)