Doms & Deykers - Dedicated To Those Who Feel

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  • There's been at least some overlap between Dutch producers Steffie Doms and Martijn Deykers, but these days the former tends to lean on electro and the latter has continued his interest in UK sounds. But one thing they both excel with is big, striking basslines, evidenced in full on Ostgut Ton Zehn, where they delivered the goods on solo tracks and as Doms & Deykers. That collaboration, "Whirling," was a step forward from the pair's first EP, Fonts For The People, tapping into a more balanced blend of the distinctive styles involved. And the sound continues onto Dedicated To Those Who Feel, whose three tracks mix dayglo synths, punchy basslines and breaks with touches of acid and techno. Doms & Deykers establish a solid formula here, but they fail to find a range of uses for it. Everything on the EP clocks in around 130 BPM and aims for a well-worn kind of melodic euphoria, with tight-rope-walking strings and warm, familiar pads flanking the tough rhythmic elements. It all works best on the nimble and sharp "Bafff," gets a little messy on "It's You I See" and sounds drained of some necessary energy come "For Those Who Feel." They may not all be of the exact same quality, but they all have the exact same qualities. Dedicated To Those Who Feel is said to be an introduction to Doms & Deykers' debut album, set for release later this year—hopefully by then they'll figure out what else to do with their shared interests.
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      A1 It's You I See B1 Bafff B2 For Those Who Feel